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C14 Power Adapter (Fits C13), 5V

AVTECH’s C14 Power Adapter is designed for safe and proper power connectivity for AVTECH environment monitoring products worldwide.

$33.00 exc. GST


AVTECH’s C14 Power Adapter (C13 Compatible) is designed for safe and proper power connectivity for AVTECH products worldwide.

AVTECH’s C14 power cord adapter comes standard with a 5VDC 1A Power Adapter and is ideal for use with AVTECH’s environmental monitoring systems like our Room Alert 26W, Room Alert 26WO, Room Alert 24E, Room Alert 11E, Room Alert 4E, Room Alert Signal Towers, TemPageR 3E and other products and sensors. It is compatible with the popular C13 plug found on many data center UPS, PDU and power strip devices.

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Features & Specifications

Features & Specification For AVTECH’s C14 Power Adapter
C14 Power Adapter

Power Supply 5VDC 1A Adapter
Cable C14 Style Plug (Fits C13)
Cable Length 6′
Compatible Regions Most countries outside the U.S. and Canada.
Compatible Products Room Alert 32E/W, 12E, 4E, 3E, 3W, 26W, 26WO, 24E, 11E, Signal Towers, 7E, 4E, TemPageR 4E & 3E

Package Includes

The AVTECH C14 Power Adapter Includes:

(1) C14 Style Plug (Fits C13)
(1) 5VDC 1A Adapter (110-240V, RoHS)


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