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Temperature & Environment Monitoring Solutions


Data centre monitoring with Room Alert will help you improve uptime and reliability while decreasing costly downtime. 30% of the downtime your server room or data centre encounters is caused by environmental factors, none of which are monitored by your firewall or security software.

Facilities Management

Facilities and building managers need to have comprehensive monitoring plans and facility hardware to provide a safe environment for occupants. Extreme temperatures, leaks and other factors can have adverse effects on tenants and employees.

Food & Beverage

Restaurants and distributors rely on their refrigerant monitoring to prevent food spoilage. Temperatures rising in storage freezers and refrigerators raises the risk of contamination, spoiled food, health violations, and sick customers.


Room Alert’s monitors and sensors allow you to set temperature thresholds for cold storage units based on the materials you’re storing. Your staff can be alerted the moment any unit exceeds those threshold, enabling that layer of material security for cold storage.