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Facilities and building managers need to have comprehensive monitoring plans and facility hardware to provide a safe environment for occupants. Extreme temperatures, leaks and other factors can have adverse effects on tenants and employees. Recent studies have shown that just an 8 degree rise in temperature can affect employee cognitive abilities and productivity by as much as 10%.

Facilities with high moisture levels are at risk of structural damage and mould growth. Installing facility monitors as part of an overall building management plan is critical to meeting not only tenant concerns, but reducing building damage as well. Proactive monitoring alerts managers to concerns like broken or malfunctioning HVAC units, water leaks, heating issues and much more. Room Alert can tie into existing management systems, and allows you to work corrective action measure into its responses, like activating fans or pump systems when an environmental alert is triggered. Managers in over 185 countries know that utilising Room Alert in their building or facility monitoring plan will help them decrease the amount of time and money spent on repairs.