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Unexpected damage to your home or vacation properties are a nightmare for every homeowner. Preventing damage with a remote home monitoring system is far easier and less expensive than you may expect with solutions from Room Alert.

Home temperature monitoring is as simple as installing a Room Alert monitor in your residence or vacation home to alert you if temperatures start dropping to levels that can cause frozen pipes, along with a basement water sensor to let you know if your sump pump has stopped working, or a home water leak detector to let you know if your water tank has sprung a leak. Residences in humid regions can add a humidity sensor to alert you to conditions that can cause mold and mildew, helping you protect your property and your health.

Active Power

Digital Active Power Sensor w/ Temperature is a patent-pending, award-winning sensor that accurately and clearly communicates power status and temperature to ensure residents are comfortable and safe.

This is a great option for monitoring water and sump pumps that are difficult to monitor otherwise.

Flood Cable

Flood Cable Sensor detects any liquid that could cause water damage and flooding or promote mold growth. It also recognizes
water leaks to improve safety of residents, property managers and landlords. This is best for pipes and leaks


Temperature & Humidity

Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor measures temperature and humidity. Additionally, this sensor monitors dew point and heat index. This can be used to monitor mold and mildew


Flood Spot

Flood Spot Sensor provides real-time recognition of flood or water and will alert you as soon as water makes contact with it. This is best for floors where puddles or flooding can occur.